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I hate repeating myself. And I’ve written about GMOs before and posted about the issue ad nauseam on the socials. Plus, I was mad when I read one of the comments on a GMO-related blog post by an animal advocate. (I know, never read the comments, but I often do […]

Spoiler alert: If you’re eating in the U.S., you’re eating ...

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One question we get a lot from clients looking to transition to a meat-free diet or just to eat a little less meat is about meat analogues, plant-based foods that are generally thought of as analogous (comparable) to meat in the plant-based diet. Some of our clients have never tasted […]

Meat Analogues Part 1: A tofu, tempeh and seitan primer

Vegan food
It’s festival season, which means a great number of us will be rocking out, chowing down, drinking up, soaking in some art, and generally having a good time on the regular for at least the next several months. In fact, what brought festival season to my mind is that GastroFest […]

5 Ways to Fest Green

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Is everyone in your world under the weather? I’m just coming out of an eight-week sick sesh myself and, not having been sick enough to go to a doctor in a very long time, I gotta say that walking into the waiting room (twice) was eye-opening in terms of just […]

Colds and flu—plants to the rescue!

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Love giving, but stuff for stuff’s sake…not so much? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll cover criteria for giving (the TOA way) and specific gift ideas including, as promised in last month’s post, even a few brands, with links and everything, that Team TOA loves. (Note: […]

The Organic Adventurer holiday gift guide

Harvest season is coming to an end in the northern hemisphere. Who knows if it’s a psychological throwback to humanity’s cave-dwelling years, but thoughts, like the leaves, tend to turn. And we acknowledge that. From September to the beginning of January, the number and variety of occasions, marked by all […]

5 ways to return the surplus (and the royal wedding ...

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It’s finally fall in the far Southern U.S. (Yep, believe it or not, upper 80s counts as “cooling off!”) and that means bugs we’re not used to seeing come out. They know it’s been too dang hot to make babies! Plus, it’s more accurate to call it “hurricane season” than […]

Do ladybugs bite? It’s insect hour!

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Fall has always been my favorite season, hands down. I have this internal “fall clock” that triggers an irresistible urge to break out the cornucopia decorations the second the calendar flips to September. Over a decade in the deep South has beaten most of the pumpkin spice out of me, […]

The Organic Adventurer’s Autumn Bowl Recipe

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Junior Adventurers head back to school soon—if they’re not back already! We hope they have a great, successful school year. And, of course, no parent wants to send their little one to school with endocrine disrupting chemicals and other toxins. In fact, we’d also like for them to inherit a […]

Back to school the safe, nontoxic way

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First, THANK YOU to all you Adventurers who took the time to fill out the recent survey and help make this Adventure a better experience for everyone. You really are THE best! (If you haven’t yet, you can still fill it out!) But also, one person commented that he/she didn’t […]

What to do with those weird plasticky Amazon mailers

Today I saw the most recent winner of the Wrapped in Plastic award. (No Twin Peaks: The Return spoilers please; I still haven’t seen it!) This is the mental award I give to products that make me silently scream, “WTF!” Here she is, and I’m purposely not showing or mentioning […]

Plastic: Marketing the planet away (and a recipe in case ...

Sandwich wrap options
Nope, that title is no typo! In a recent single-use waste discussion on the socials, several Adventurers lamented the fact that they use so many recloseable, zipper-style plastic bags. (Do you think marketers have a huge party the day their client brand becomes the de facto name for all similar […]

“Unloc” your life: Break the zippered plastic baggie addiction

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Recently, one Adventurer expressed her frustration that even though she has many reusable shopping bags, she never remembers them. Girl, I feel ya. First it was bags, then my reusable water bottle, then my stainless-steel straw…it’s enough to make you think you have a raging case of Can’t Remember Shit! […]

Bag habits: How to remember your reusable shopping bags

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New Year, new you? Merry, happy New Year, Adventurers! Hope everyone had a fabulous New Year’s Eve. Did you make any resolutions for 2018? Perhaps, after dotting, rubbing, dusting and brushing on the 15 or more personal care products women use daily (up to nine for men) for your big […]

#TOAWasteChallenge Part 4: Bathroom waste…no, not that kind!

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New meaning to “This tastes like Styrofoam” About a year and a half ago, a huge municipal truck pulled up to my neighbor’s house, tossed out four or five jumbo recycling bins and sped away. Only two people lived in that house at the time; you know you too would […]

#TOAWasteChallenge Part 3: Reduce packaging waste and Styrofoam use

Glass Cocktail Straws
Let’s cut right to the chase, Adventurers, because it’s Stuff Season and we’re all way too busy to waste…anything, including time. There are travel plans to make, gift lists to write and holiday parties to host. And since, for the #TOAWasteChallenge, I promised this post would be about reducing or […]

#TOAWasteChallenge Part 2: Reduce single-use

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Hope all you Adventurers had a frightful Halloween! (And I mean that in the most positive way!) You know what’s even scarier than all the horror movies ever made put together? Waste. Now that Halloween’s over and Thanksgiving’s just a few days away, we are officially in the middle of […]

One simple mind hack to reduce waste

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As you know, we recently had another couple of hurricanes in the southern U.S. Or, as I like to think of them, reminders that we do not live separately from and unaffected by nature. Harvey and Irma were worse than the storms in 2016, but the mosquitoes that followed are […]

Hurricanes and the wisdom of reacting to a natural disaster ...