Green Living Consultations

Think of The Organic Adventurer as your green personal trainer. A green living consultant performs a survey of your home, lifestyle, work environment, specific environmental concerns—whatever area of your life you’d like to make more environmentally friendly, whether it’s as simple as finding a nontoxic sunscreen or as complex as a whole-office green makeover. Your consultant then uses the information you provide to identify the products you’re looking for or the processes or information necessary to achieve your goal. Or, if you have a very specific question or request, your consultant can work on an “à la carte” basis. All the research will be done for you. You will know exactly what to do, why it should be done and how to do it. You can even choose to leave out the “why,” if you like! Click here to download the initial survey.

The Organic Adventurer can help with just about any issue related to the environment, which is just about any issue! But we know that can be hard to visualize, so here are a few specific examples of things we’ve helped our clients with:

  • Finding a nontoxic lip balm for a little boy who’s allergic to most lip balms
  • Serving their families healthier, local foods
  • Understanding what was in the cleaning and household products they used and finding safer alternatives
  • Setting up and managing home gardens and composting
  • Building and setting up rain barrels and being more water-wise
  • Getting started with a plant-based diet: reasons for eliminating animal products, nutrition, myths, reading labels, etc.
  • Making the workplace more environmentally friendly (earning your “green business” cred. vs. being just another greenwasher)
  • Making the home more energy efficient
  • Reducing the use of plastic
  • Recycling or disposing of hard-to-place items

As you can see, these specific actions belong in all categories of environmental stewardship: chemicals, food/diet, energy, water, waste and so on. If you’ve ever said, “I’d really like to…” or “I wish I had time to…” and the end of that sentence had anything to do with living a greener life, we can help.

And we always start with where you are: We consider your interests and motivations, your budget, your schedule, your situation and always tailor our recommendations to your specific needs. Contact us for more information and to discuss and schedule your consultation.