Summer’s over; VegeCooking is here! 2

Greetings, Adventurers! As you know, we took the summer off from posting blogs, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been lounging at the beach!

Vacation dream vs. work reality

In fact, with policies, regulations and concerns changing or cropping up every. single. day. since last November, we’ve been over on Facebook and Twitter daily, keeping you informed and providing resources to help you take action, either in the public sphere or in the day-to-day. If you haven’t liked and/or followed yet, please use the links above to do that.

There are some changes coming to the TOA website, so we’ve been hard at work preparing for them. One that visitors will soon notice is that our Shop page will be going away. The Amazon aStore is being retired in October. Lots of bloggers, including TOA, have used it to create a curated list of recommended products, so if you’d like to help support TOA or have just made a mental note that the title of that book about eating locally you’ve been meaning to read can be found there, you might want to make those purchases or copy down that information soon.

Website changes to come


We’re hoping to have the aStore removed in the next week or two, and then the T-Shirts page will be renamed “Shop.” And we’re looking into other ways to link to recommended products or to maintain a list, so if you have any suggestions, please post them in the comments!

Finally, we’re not sure whether it has anything to do with the current political climate or not, but we’ve seen a huge increase since about March in people reaching out about doing their part for the environment. So we’ve been as busy as endangered bees helping clients go green! Here are just a few of the things we’ve helped Green Living Consultation clients with:

  • Finding a preservative-free alternative to eye drops that come in single-use plastic vials
  • Sourcing local flowers for a more “low-carbon” wedding
  • Making sense of the claims of “green” dry cleaners and providing options for cleaning a client’s specialty item
  • Writing sustainable curriculum supplements for a new healthy cooking kids’ program

How nature accomplishes things

It’s that last one that I want to spend a minute on. The Organic Adventurer is SO excited to be one of the official sponsors of a brand new healthy cooking and eating program for kids! It’s so incredible to see that, after years of the health benefits of habits like eating more plants, preparing healthy meals at home, and reducing or eliminating processed foods in one’s diet working their way into the collective consciousness, there is a hunger (no pun intended!) among schools and parents to provide this knowledge and these skills to kids. And our friends over at Florida Coastal Cooking have developed a program called VegeCooking to feed that hunger!

VegeCooking is an after-school program set up like a cooking club, so kids also get some wholesome socialization with their peers. A VegeCooking instructor comes to the school with all the ingredients, tools, cool visuals…everything kids need to learn about choosing healthy foods; understanding nutrition facts and ingredients; reading labels; cooking skills; how to prepare healthful foods; and SO much more. Plus, and this is where The Organic Adventurer comes in, while they’re learning all those valuable skills for a healthy lifestyle, they’re also being exposed to related sustainability concepts like why eating more plants is good for the planet; local and seasonal eating; and reducing food waste.


Right now the program is only available in select elementary schools in St. Johns County, FL, and the response has been so outstanding that they’re already signing students up for the second session! We’re really hoping this program will soon be available in all schools, at all grade levels across the U.S. as well as for private groups and organizations. Do go check it out on the VegeCooking site, and sign your kids up if they’re eligible! And definitely share, share, share: Kids are the future, and the future should be healthy!

There is no Planet B

Along with your suggestions for how we should share helpful products, please comment with ANY questions you may have about the VegeCooking program!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy fall, and for those who have kids (and for their teachers!), here’s to a successful school year!

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2 thoughts on “Summer’s over; VegeCooking is here!

    • The Organic Adventurer Post author

      It’s an honor to be a sponsor! You know I believe in the mission of teaching kids healthy habits (for themselves and the planet…one in the same!) and VegeCooking is such a fantastic way to accomplish that. You’ve created a wonderful program, and I look forward to watching it change lives!