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2 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions for the planet

  • Dawn

    I’m extremely concerned about what will happen over the next four years, that the strides we’ve made will be reversed and that we’ll regress even further. My goals for this year were to not accept plastic bags, plastic straws and disposable plastic water bottles and to *tell* people I’m not taking them because I made a resolution to not accept these three disposable items, even if I’d previously recycled them. Next I will continue educating on the value of living a plant-based lifestyle and will reach out to government when I see opportunities. You’re so right, the time for being complacent has passed.

    • The Organic Adventurer Post author

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Dawn! I share your concerns. Those are three fantastic goals! You’re helping so much to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels (as you know, current animal agriculture methods employ an enormous amount of fossil fuel input and are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire global transportation sector) and to reduce plastic pollution. I’m glad we’re in this together! 🙂