Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

What better way to show your loved ones that you care than to express how much you love and care for the planet they live on? You can do it   and still have your Valentine’s Day traditions of chocolate, flowers, and a romantic activity or dinner out.

For chocolate, look for organic, sustainably grown ingredients and fair trade. One option is Jacksonville’s own I Love My Life Chocolate, which is sold at Grassroots Natural Market. It’s also vegan and raw and is SO decadent! If you don’t live in Jacksonville, check out your local natural grocer. Some nationally available brands are Green & Black’s, theo, Equal Exchange, Alter Eco, Taza and Endangered Species. Not all flavors of each brand meet all three requirements, though, so read labels and check the websites.

Commercial, eco-friendly flowers are a bit harder to find, but it can be done. The most eco-conscious choices in flowers are also organically and sustainably grown and fair trade. Whole Foods has some right now. Also, check out

Taking a long, romantic walk or having a picnic is a wonderful activity for Valentine’s Day. For one of Jacksonville’s many beautiful natural spaces, check out Tree Hill Nature Center. Explore your state’s parks, national forests, wildlife preserves and other natural places. Fresh air counts as an aphrodisiac, right?

There are lots of restaurants offering special Valentine’s Day dinners. One that caught my eye, because producing meat and animal products is pretty environmentally costly, was the Vegan Valentines Dinner at Intuition Ale Works in Jacksonville. The $35 per person is crazy reasonable for a gourmet, three-course meal. Maybe a menu teaser will prompt you to check it out, so all I’ll say is, “Yum”! Most restaurants have a special Valentine’s Day dinner menu available or event going on, so visit the websites of restaurants in your town that serve local, organic products and take your sweetie somewhere special!

And last but not least, the perfect gift to show that you love that they love this planet is a green living consultation from The Organic Adventurer!

Whatever you decide to do this year, make “green” the new Valentine’s Day red!

Check out TOA being interviewed by Action News about “green” Valentine’s Day gift ideas!!!


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