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It’s official! The Organic Adventurer has pledged to participate in No Meat March. This meat-free month of activities, information, discounts at area businesses and restaurants and more is sponsored in part by Girls Gone Green, a local (Northeast Florida) organization dedicated to exploring environmental, animal and health issues. GGG says […]

The Organic Adventurer Pledges No Meat March

The Organic Adventurer will be speaking on Thursday, February 23, at Jones College in Jacksonville, FL! I’ll be speaking (hopefully participating in a discussion, really) about a variety of environmental issues: recycling, one’s carbon footprint, organic gardening, alternative energy, climate change and environmental cleanups. I’m so excited to have this […]

Speaking event at Jones College Thursday, February 23

What better way to show your loved ones that you care than to express how much you love and care for the planet they live on? You can do it   and still have your Valentine’s Day traditions of chocolate, flowers, and a romantic activity or dinner out. For chocolate, […]

Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas