The Organic Adventurer at the First Annual Argyle Community Garden Fall Plant Sale & Bazaar

The First Annual Argyle Community Garden Fall Plant Sale & Bazaar was wonderful! It was a great chance to get some important information into people’s hands. Folks had really great questions about things like Urban Agriculture (a big, important issue in this town lately) and were surprised to learn that as “green” as they might already be, there are still inexpensive, easy changes they can make to help our planet.

I’m excited about the opportunities – to speak to a condo owners association and to a school group – that I discussed with people I met at the event and can’t wait to make those things happen! My rates for speaking engagements are very reasonable, so use the “Contact Me” page to arrange a presentation for your organization.

Also, it’s not too late to register for the drawing for 1/2 off of a Green Home & Living Consultation. The consultation can be done long distance, so use the Contact page to send your name, phone number and email address by November 15 to be entered to win!

Below is a recap of the ACG Fall Plant Sale & Bazaar by the organizer, Sandi Newman. Let me also add my own personal thanks to all of my friends who came out to support me and the Garden; to Sandi, of ACG (, for the opportunity and kind comments; to Carol Kartsonis, of Friends of NE Florida Community Gardens (, for her kind comments; to Dana Edmonds, of Tutoring Club of Jacksonville (, for her help and support; and, of course, to my better half for his excellent schlepping skills and patience. You all are the best!

A bumper crop of thanks to our garden members for a great Plant Sale & Garden Bazaar!
We made some great friends yesterday and a few potential members for the garden. We also offered hope to folks who consider themselves “brown thumbs” by selling them plants that actually will grow in our climate.

Thanks to our BAKERS: Margit for putting together her German favorites (despite having no kitchen of her own), Kathleen for decorating the Bake Shop tables and bringing a variety of luscious treats, Samantha for her creatively packaged artisan bread (we could have sold much more–we’ll all be working for her next year) and delicious pesto for dipping sample bites, Betsey for the popular Friendship Bread Starter Kits (we all took one home to try!), Sue for remembering our barky friends with cheese and peanut butter dog biscuits, and Joe for both recycling our carrot juice pulp and christening our temperamental new silicone muffin pan!

Thanks to our HEAVY LIFTERS/WORKERS: Margit, Peggie and Lynn for advance set up–tables, tents, pricing–on Friday; To Peggie, Margit, Jennifer, Samantha, Betsey, Norm, Phil, Heidi, Sue and Nick for staying in the booths all day. Joe, Peggie, Margit, Lynn, Randy, Heidi, Sue and Nick helped to clean up afterward

Thanks to our VENDORS who took a chance on us with no prior history: Kathy (antiques), Shirley (plants misc.), Paul (kitchen remodeling), Karen (honey, plants), Kimberly & LeeAnn (clay jewelry), Lana (pottery), Robin (quilted gifts), Theresa & Nicole (lotions, bath salts, etc.) We were glad to have Carol on hand to tell everyone about community gardens in Jacksonville, Sheila from the Extension Office with gardening handouts, and Anna promoting Green Living with her 10 Tips. We were honored to have Dist. 14 Councilman Jim Love attend so we could let him know we support his efforts to make the Georgia Pacific plant subject to more stringent testing in their efforts to dump pollutants into the St. Johns River. We had a short ceremony to award him a commendation from garden members. (Pictures at link below)

Thanks to Tom for allowing us to use the lawn surrounding the office (and having it freshly mowed), the use of the building for “comfort stops” and the barn for storage. Margit donated her colorful knitted socks and exquisite baby booties, and Tom, Kathleen, Peggie, Margit, Joe and Julie donated items for the rummage sale. Special thanks to Peggie for producing 80% of the plants we displayed–that girl can make anything take root and GROW! Thanks to Barb for coming to shop and for pitching in when needed (especially when I recently found myself alone and overwhelmed at RAM).

HUGE HUGS to my friend Lynn Nettles for single-handedly producing the Rummage Sale for us. She is a generous gardener with a keen interest in our (gardening) adventures. She brought a trailer and van loaded with items, set up her own tents and tables and despite some serious health issues, got down to selling all day long with all proceeds going to our garden. (Lynn has erected every type of tent manufactured, and although she had her hands full, she offered her skills to our vendors when they were struggling to get their booth set up–thanks Lynn!)
Our neighbor Lori at Helping Hands Movers came over around noontime and brought Lynn a Coke and sweets from the Bake Sale. She had been watching from her office window and noticed Lynn had not taken a single break from her work and was worried for her.
Also, I hope you had an opportunity to meet Terry Doland at the Bazaar. She has been working in the garden to log 30 volunteer hours for a Peace Corps application. She brought her Christmas list with her and spent over $150 to support our efforts! She took those home and brought back a gorgeous Aloe plant so we could pot up the babies for sale at the Plant tent. These are two great examples of the community of friends that we’re building through the garden–looking out for/caring for each other, and thinking of ways that we as individuals can contribute to the group’s efforts.

Thanks to Debbie’s Dog House both for changing her venue at the last minute and agreeing to be our food vendor and for offering a veggie option at our request. She gets high marks for stepping outside her comfort zone on both counts. By the way, did you try a carrot dog? Heidi did, and I’m so proud of her!

I’m sorry this is so long but there were many of you to thank! Yesterday I spoke to folks I know from garden clubs and other community gardens who were impressed by what we were able to put together.
I am so proud to call you friends and fellow garden members.
(If you pitched in and I didn’t mention your name I am sorry! I appreciate all those who came to help and you have my thanks.)

Find yourself in these photos from yesterday’s event:

These comments were posted yesterday afternoon by Carol Kartsonis on the Facebook page for Friends of Northeast Florida Community Gardens:
“Awesome day today! Spoke to tons of people. Councilman Jim Love was there receiving an award from Argyle Community Garden for his work on requiring more stringent water testing for contaminants from GP. Sheila Elrod, master gardener from the Florida Master Gardener Program was there giving out lots of great information from Duval County Extension.
Saw some The Garden at Jackson Square and Mandarin Garden Club folks there.
I picked up some great jewelry for the kids, heirloom tomato plants for the garden and blueberry streudel coffee cake for breakfast tomorrow. Gotta get those photos uploaded from Linda Jones – thank for your help today.
Got to talk at length with Anna Rabhan of EU Jacksonville. She is amazing.”

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