Just a quick post to say thank you, again, to everyone who came to my talk and demonstration at GastroFest 2017: I know, the best part was my lovely assistant, Mr. TOA. I’m thinking he should provide the charm and comic relief at all my presentations. What do you say? […]

Contest Winner!

Gastro-Fest-Logo-Final 2
All you Adventurers know how much waste/trash bothers me. And humans, for some reason, are at their most wasteful when they’re partying. You may remember when fans created fields of trash after the Cubs won the World Series? In fact, the average festival-goer produces nearly twice the waste that same […]

Greening GastroFest 2017: Eco-feasting on March 18th in Hemming Park

Moringa flower added for effect :) 2
Well, it’s happened again. Florida had a hurricane/tropical storm/bad hair day, depending on where you were. ‘Bye, Hermine. On the TOA homestead, the only casualty was a single pepper plant. But no matter how you fared, we all have storm cleanup to do, even if you live in an apartment. […]

Hurricane cleanup, mosquitoes and poisoning problems away

As in most of the U.S. right now, it’s about a billion degrees in Florida. The only sane thing to do is figure out how to survive without turning on the stove. Or grill. Or even lights. Plus, all that money spent on extra air conditioning has to come out […]

‘Tis the season: Save money and make gazpacho

To say that junk mail is a pet peeve of mine is way underselling it. People who leave their grocery carts all over the parking lot, loud-talking on cell phones in public, assault by cologne…all annoying, but junk mail comes to my home, unrequested and unwanted, and I have to […]

Direct mail hell

Happy Earth Day, Adventurers! Hope you’re out there in the sunshine, feeling the breeze on your face, appreciating all that Mother Nature does for us. I’ve been chained to a desk for…forever, so that’s exactly where I’m headed as soon as I make this big announcement! I’ve been chained to […]

An Earth Day announcement: Shiny new website with new resources ...

GastroFest March 19
It’s almost GastroFest time again, Adventurers! The annual celebration of the food and food culture of Northeast Florida will take place in Jacksonville’s Hemming Park and at surrounding venues on March 19 starting at 11 a.m. This year’s Fest has much to offer the locavore, the plant-based and the environmentally conscious. […]

Eating sustainably: Just one of many “green” topics at the ...

Snack smorgasbord! 2
Happy New Year, Adventurers! Wow, 2016 sure is getting off to a great start. There was finally an agreement out of that big climate summit in Paris. Okay, so that was technically in December, but close enough! Besides, lots of exciting developments came out of that summit regarding food, agriculture […]

Veganuary: Starting the new year off right

Futter 2
Baking cookies for the holidays? Making treats to give as gifts? Like toast? This is the post for you! A couple of years ago, we posted a nondairy alternative to butter, Futter, that doesn’t involve palm oil or nasty chemicals like some of the big-name nondairy margarines. It was cobbled […]

Vegan buttah redux:

Yeah, Wilson is funny and all, but look at all those single-use plastic bottles. Don't do it, people! 4
How many Americans think, I mean really churn the noodle, about recycling? (Yes, I totally just made up that phrase, “churn the noodle.” It’s catchy, no?) Probably very few, because why would we? We finish the carton/can/bottle and throw it in the bin. Every week or every other week, we […]

Back away from the bin!

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Hello again, Adventurers! Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. The 10,543 things Team TOA has been working on behind the scenes to improve your experience here have been taking muuuch longer than I’d hoped. In the meantime, how’s about a quickie? Recipe, that is! This is a happy little […]


Okay, so add this one to the long list of things I’ve been meaning to post. Still, it’s a beautiful tale, so I’m calling it better late than never. Our adventures the day after Valentine’s Day took Mr. TOA and I out, way out, to a farm sanctuary that I’d […]

Rooterville: The love story of rescued farm animals and a ...

Happy Earth Day everyone! I hope you’re enjoying some awareness on this beautiful day. Huh? That’s right, awareness. I hope you’re out there noticing how beautiful this world is and how fragile it is in the face of a force as powerful as…us. I also hope you’re aware of, or […]

An Earth Day YouTube collaboration with Florida Coastal Cooking & ...

CrowdEdit 2
The inaugural GastroFest has come and gone, and by all accounts it was a huge success. Beautiful Hemming Park was the perfect setting last Saturday for the masses to enjoy Northeast Florida food and food culture. And were there ever masses! The last numbers we heard, which may not be […]

Post-Feast…(er, Fest!)

Saturday is the big day. Hemming Park is the place. From 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Jacksonville will enjoy its newest festival, brought to us by its newest nonprofit, GastroJax, Inc. The organization’s goal with the festival is to celebrate, promote and educate people about the food culture of Jacksonville […]

GastroFest is here!

We’ve been behind the scenes of the internet for some time now, adding a new feature to The Organic Adventurer! The top local-food-related question people ask us is, “Where are the farmers markets?” So we’ve had a listing of those for some time now, complete with market name, day, time, […]

A yummy, festive wellness drink (and the new farm listing)

Image courtesy of hyena reality at freedigitalphotos.net
Merry, Happy, Good National Food Day! What’s that? You’re so busy getting ready for Halloween that you almost forgot about this day meant to “inspire Americans to change their diets and our food policies”? Horrors! Well, no worries! While the Food Day website has plenty of general ideas on how […]

How to Celebrate National Food Day